Black Spectacles One-On-One Architecture Software Tutoring

Black Spectacles is leveraging our network of experts in design software to offer one-on-one software tutoring for architecture and design.  Whether you are looking for a Revit Tutor, a  CAD Tutor , a 3d Max Tutor, a  Grasshopper Tutor, a Rhino Tutor or Illustrator Tutoring,- we have you covered.

Are you working on a deadline and got stuck?  Have you been thinking that you need to learn some new skills to stay current?  Perhaps you’ve  paid for a class, but you’ve realized that you really need a personal tutor.  Maybe you’re a Black Spectacles Member and after watching our online…

Interview with Shared Practice Founders Felicia Ferrone & David Krell

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the founders of Shared Practice, Felicia Ferrone & David Krell.  Shared-Practice is a website that serves as a hub of information and resources for the design community.

Marc: What is your background prior to Shared-Practice?

Felicia: My background is, actually, in architecture. I studied architecture and then worked in that for many years. I actually moved to Milan, which is basically the center of manufacturing design in the furniture industry. There I was exposed to that whole world, and I guess part of Shared-Practice for me, it’s not just resources,…


The adoption of digital technologies has been slow and un-even in the Profession of Architecture despite their advantages in efficiency, quality, and access to creative languages that are not available otherwise. The main reason for this is a lack of access to flexible, affordable and high quality courses in design technology.

We have built Black Spectacles to be the online platform for learning architecture software, with memberships that are affordable, with a platform that provides the flexibility that architects need, and with courses that not only cover software, but how to use multiple digital tools together to get the job done.

Black Spectacles’ mission is to advance the creative potential of the profession of architecture by giving everyone access to all of the tools- in order to change the dialogue from “what tools are you using” to “what are you doing with the tools”.

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