Jury Announced for the Un-Competition Project

We are excited to announce the members of our jury for the Un-Competition Project!

Co-Sponsored by the Chicago Architectural Club and hosted by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The Un-Competition Project is a Black Spectacles design competition aimed at promoting design entrepreneurship.  Due on January 9, it asks designers to go out into their communities, “invent” design projects, design them and figure out how to get them built.  Design submissions will take the form of short documentaries that will be posted on Black Spectacles’ Facebook page for consideration by the following, distinguished jury:

    The will to learn: 8 steps for learning architectural software

    Featured Contributor and Black Spectacles Author, Joe Storr, details the road that he took to learn architectural software & become a 3ds Max expert.

    With 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, Revit, AutoCAD, Sketchup, and countless other options available to architects, there’s no shortage of digital modeling programs to choose from. And with ever-increasing processing power and the emergence of GPU based rendering engines, we’re beginning to see more and more firms integrating these programs into their design process.

    While we can all agree that becoming familiar with the programs listed above can be a great asset for any aspiring designer, the…

    V-Studios’ Emiliano Daniele on the Secrets for Creating Beautiful Renderings

    Vstudios 3d Visualization Principal Emiliano Daniele, says some brilliant things about creativity, pushing yourself, and how to create beautiful renderings.

    V-Studios’ Emiliano Daniele on the Secrets for Creating Beautiful Renderings from Black Spectacles on Vimeo.

    Image Credits: VStudios 3d Visualization


    I think the confusion here is when people tend to believe that the computer is doing the job. It’s not the computer that’s doing the job, it’s you. The computer is a tool. It’s like the pencil that evolved into a computer, but if you don’t know what you’re doing with your pencil, with your…


    The adoption of digital technologies has been slow and un-even in the Profession of Architecture despite their advantages in efficiency, quality, and access to creative languages that are not available otherwise. The main reason for this is a lack of access to flexible, affordable and high quality courses in design technology.

    We have built Black Spectacles to be the online platform for learning architecture software, with memberships that are affordable, with a platform that provides the flexibility that architects need, and with courses that not only cover software, but how to use multiple digital tools together to get the job done.

    Black Spectacles’ mission is to advance the creative potential of the profession of architecture by giving everyone access to all of the tools- in order to change the dialogue from “what tools are you using” to “what are you doing with the tools”.

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